Lonsdale Room

The Lonsdale Room is a medium-sized meeting room which is ideal for meetings, training sessions, team-building and smaller conferences. The room is located on the second floor and benefits from a quieter location separated from most other training rooms by a set of double doors.

Local History

Lonsdale Square was built between 1838 and 1845 by Richard Cromwell Carpenter, surveyor to the Drapers’ Company Estate. In 1690, the Drapers’ Company had inherited the land, known as ‘Gosseyfield’ and used to pen cattle on route to Smithfield Market. In the early 1800s, during the building boom to satisfy London’s growing population, the Company developed the land as Lonsdale Square. Unlike most of Islington’s squares, the garden remained private until the 1960s, when they were offered to Islington Council. The railings, removed in World War Two, were replaced in the early 1970s.

Available room layouts

30 max capacity
Single Tables
30 max capacity
Paired Tables
24 max capacity
20 max capacity
Meeting Block
18 max capacity
Semi circle
30 max capacity

Room specifications

Per day £360
Half day
(3.5 hours)
(Whole day rate applies)


  • 30 people


  • Workshops
  • Training sessions
  • Meetings


  • Sony 65” HD TV
  • Standalone PC
  • Cables for devices
  • Wifi

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