Wilmington Suite

The Wilmington Suite offers a fantastic facility for courses, training and even examinations requiring the use of PCs. The suite has 20 workstations with large monitors to improve accessibility. A large 65” SONY TV is located at the front for the use of trainers and presenters.

Local History

Wilmington Square has a rich cultural history with the first residents arriving in the late 1820s. The square was first laid out by builder John Wilson across 16 acres of the Spa Fields Estate, which belonged to the Marquess of Northampton and was at first reserved for the private benefit of the square’s residents.

The garden opened in 1885 with a new layout, designed by the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association’s landscape gardener, Miss F. Wilkinson. One quaint feature of the garden square which still exists is the drinking fountain. It was replaced in 1931 from its original Victorian donation by the Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association.

The square has attracted fashionable and famous residents in recent years, notably the former politician Peter Mandelson and the ceramic artist Grayson Perry.

Available room layouts

Single Tables
20 max capacity

Room specifications

Per day £300
Half day
(3.5 hours)
(Whole day rate applies)


  • 20 people


  • Workshops
  • Training sessions


  • Sony 65” HD TV
  • Standalone PC
  • Cables for devices
  • Wifi

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